About this blog

As an amateur photographer living and working in Birmingham I did the “a better camera will improve my photography” phase and to a certain point it worked. I upgraded and swapped camera’s until I found a DSLR I was happy with. Fine, but there always seemed to be times when I wanted a smaller camera with me, mostly in and around the city centre when I don’t want to be lugging around a DSLR.

So what to do?, the humble compact of course.

You know the ones we all use for holiday snaps, party’s etc. But the image quality is not very good, or is it? Certainly the higher the pixel count doesn’t always mean better photo’s so I wanted to have a project to photograph my city with photo’s taken with compact digital camera’s.

So this blog is the result.

The Photo’s

Most of  the photo’s on this blog have been/will be taken with compact digital camera’s, I may sneak one or two from my DSLR from time to time though! I may also occasionally post using my film SLR when I get the urge to shoot analogue.

So far I use, Fujifilm F60fd & Ricoh GX100 camera’s, subject to change when I get the itch for a new camera!


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